Big Fight Feel Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix 2020 Pick Em

Welcome to the second annual Big Fight Feel Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix Pick Em! Now that Big Fight Feel is a part of the DEADLOCK Radio Network, the tournament will be run through DEADLOCK.

The 5 Star Grand Prix is an annual round robin tournament held by World Wonder Ring Stardom where X amount of wrestlers fight until there is 2 block winners & 1 overall winner. If you’ve never played a Pick Em before, it’s easy – you just pick winners!

Throughout the tournament, the leaderboard will be updated regularly. Usually within 24 hours of matches ending, you will know where you place on the board. So be sure to keep checking back!


Only one entree per person. Once your locked in, you’re locked in. If you’re caught trying to cheat the system, well, you know. Sign ups last until a few hours before the event starts.


  • All matches are worth 1 point.
  • Red Stars & Blue Stars winners are worth 3 points.
  • 5 Star Grand Prix winner is worth 5 points.


The prizes this year are from the official World Wonder Ring Stardom store in Japan! Officially licensed faction banners for STARS, Queen’s Quest, & the new stable, Donna del Mondo.

  • First Place: First Choice Of Banners*
  • Second Place: Second Choice Of Banners*
  • Third Place: Third Choice Of Banners*

*International winners may need to pay additional shipping.


✨ Congratulations to the winners! ✨

  • First Place: Lethal_N7 – 38 Points
  • Second Place: VelkejBracha – 35 Points
  • Third Place: WDM12CMKO21 – 34 Points