DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting TNA Impact Wrestling 2014 AJ Styles Last Match In TNA, Undisputed TNA World Champion, Dixieland, 2 Steel Cage Matches

AJ Styles was the backbone of TNA Wrestling. Without him in the early days, Total Nonstop Action may not have been as popular as it was. AJ Styles was the one constant in the company, and you knew if he was on the card you would get a phenomenal match! When his contract expired at the end of 2013, it was time to renegotiate. All he wanted to stay in the company was the same amount of money he was getting paid. TNA Management couldn’t afford that AJ Styles left the company. However, AJ Styles, working on a handshake deal, would work until the January 9th, 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling. At this time, AJ Styles was TNA World Champion, however, Magnus was also TNA World Champion by winning a tournament. On this episode, the 2 champions go head to head to crown one Undisputed TNA World Champion. AJ Styles and Dixie Carter agreed that that match would be a NO Disqualification Match. AJ knew that Dixie and her group “Dixieland” would try to cost AJ the belt and get him out of the company. Dixie Carter also knew that AJ had friends in the company, so she set up a bunch of backstage attacks and different matches to get rid of all of AJ’S friends before the main event. This would be AJ Styles final match in TNA Wrestling! Plus, there are 2 steel cage matches, The Bromans vs Eric Young & Joseph Park and more!

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