DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting TNA Wrestling 2008 The First Live Impact, Sting Returns, Kurt Angle Sparring Session, The Highlander Robbie Incident

Because WWE was in Orlando for WrestleMania, TNA Wrestling decided it was time to run a live episode of TNA Impact! With this show being live, WWE had one rule to talent, DO NOT GO TO THE TNA SHOW! Robbie of The Highlanders decided to go to the show and support his friend, however WWE decided to show Derek Graham-Couch on this episode. It even said he worked for WWE on the screen, This ultimately led to him getting fired! Also on this episode Sting returns to TNA for the first time in a long time and gets put in a huge main event tag team match. Robert Roode and Booker T open the show by brawling all over the arena, which leads to Jim Cornette letting fans vote at for which match type they want to see them wrestling in later that night. They choose a First Blood Match! Plus, Kurt Angle spars with AJ Styles and Tomko before his upcoming cage match with Samoa Joe and much more as we head into TNA Lockdown!

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