DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WCW Nitro 2000 David Flair & Stacy Keibler Wedding, Infamous Scott Steiner Promo, Ric Flair Arrested, Vince Russo Has Brain Surgery, Hacksaw Jim Duggan Retires, Russo Swerves, Stick Ball Bat On A Pole Match

Good Ol WCW Nitro 2000. Vince Russo is in charge of creative so you know it’s going to be a wild ride. On the September 11th, 2000 episode, we have the wedding of David Flair & Stacy Keibler from Charlotte, North Carolina. David Flair has been on bad terms with Arn Anderson and Ric Flair, but he is looking to make amends with everyone and invite them to his wedding. Just as David Flair & Stacy are about to get married local police come down and arrest Ric Flair. Apparently, Vince Russo took out a restraining order on Ric and he wasn’t allowed in the building. Later that night, we do the wedding all over again, however you guessed it, there’s a “Russo Swerve!” Speaking of Vince Russo, he is not here tonight as he is away having major brain surgery. That’s right, a Nitro with a wedding and brain surgery! More WCW 2000 shenanigans happen as Kronik don’t want to put over the Filthy Animals, Big Vito battles Reno in a stick ball bat on a pole match, Hacksaw Jim Duggan announces retirement & we get one of the most infamous Scott Steiner promos of all time! Plus, Jeff Jarrett wrestles Miss Jones with his hands cuffed!

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