DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WCW Thunder 2001 The Final Episode, Ric Flair Kissed Dusty Rhodes Ass, AJ Styles & Air Paris, Kid Kash Debut, Ric Flair’s The Mag

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As WCW is getting to the end of the line we get to look at the final episode of WCW Thunder. Even though this is the final episode of Thunder, WCW wasn’t officially purchased by the WWF until after this episode aired! All the pieces were still falling in place and there was even a chance that Eric Bischoff and his team would buy WCW and keep it running. The plan was to restart the company and run a PPV called The Big Bang. However, the only thing going into this episode we know is that this is the season finale of WCW Thunder and WCW Nitro Night of Champions would happen on Monday. That would end up being the series finale! Most people look at 2001 as a bad year for WCW, but they were trying to create some new stars. Had they stayed in business would things have turned out differently? The Cruiserweight division had introduced the brand new WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles with the champions Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper. AJ Styles would join WCW around this time with Air Pair as the tag team duo Air Raid! A few ECW wrestlers would join WCW after ECW went out of business. Kid Kash, now known as Cash, takes on Jason Jett, formerly known as E.Z. Money! The main event angle for the night featured Dustin Rhodes, who just made Ric Flair kiss Dusty Rhodes ass at WCW Greed. The former Goldust would take on Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett in a handicapped match in the main event and final match in the history of WCW Thunder.

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