DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WWE Raw 1997 ECW Invasion, AEW Announces Video Game With Yukes, PAC Returns On AEW Dynamite

WWE wasn’t doing so hot at the start of 1997. Things were very stale on Raw as Nitro was whooping their ass on a regular basis while things like the UFC are picking up steam & ECW is making a roar. WWE thought “hey, what if we did things with those guys?” In comes Ken Shamrock from the UFC & Paul Heyman with his ECW goons. Vince Russo takes over head booking around this time & well, here comes the Attitude Era. AEW announced a new video game partnership with former WWE 2K developer, Yukes! They are making a new console wrestling game akin to WWF No Mercy but modernized with more surprises than ever. PAC also made his return to AEW Dynamite this week to stop Eddie Kingston from ruining Death Triangle any further than he already has.

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