DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WWE RAW 2004 Evolution Turn On Randy Orton, Lita Bridal Shower For Kane Wedding, $250,000 Diva Search, All Or Nothing Match

Evolution is the Solution! Randy Orton is the youngest WWE Champion in history of the WWE by defeating Chris Benoit at WWE SummerSlam 2004! Now the “Randy Orton Era” has begun. Orton is here to celebrate his victory on RAW, however that is short lived as Chris Benoit uses his rematch clause tonight in the main event! Randy Orton ends up retaining his title with help from Evolution. However, during the post match celebration Triple H gives Orton a thumb up and thumbs down. Batista then drops Orton backwards off his shoulders. Triple H, Ric Flair, and Batista proceed to leave Randy bloody and battered. Triple H says that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship should be his. Also, Kane and Lita are one week away from getting married. Kane won a “Till Death Do Us Part” Match at SummerSlam against Matt Hardy. Lita is now forced to marry Kane, whether she likes it or not. The Divas throw her a Bridal Shower. Rhyno faces Sylvain Grenier in an “All or Nothing” Match. If Rhyno loses he and Tajiri can never face for the Tag Team Titles ever again. Edge defends the IC Championship against Kane. Plus, a mystery woman helps Victoria after her match and the 2004 WWE Raw $250,000 Diva Search rolls on.

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