DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WWF RAW 1999 Chris Jericho’s WWF Debut, RAW IS JERICHO, Countdown To The Millennium, Kane Talks Without Voice Box, Chyna #1 Contender For WWF Championship, Jesse “The Body” Ventura Shoots, DEADLOCK Q&A

WWF RAW episode from August 9, 1999, where Chris Jericho made his highly-anticipated WWF debut on the microphone by interrupting The Rock! This was a historic moment in wrestling history, as Jericho had built a reputation for himself in other promotions, including most recently WCW, before joining the WWF roster. Fans were eagerly waiting to see how he would perform on the big stage, and he did not disappoint. In his debut promo segment, Jericho faced off against The Rock in a moment that has gone down in wrestling history as one of the best of all time! The New Brood forms as The Hardy Boyz join Gangrel and leave Michael Hayes behind. Chyna gets put into the main event after Stone Cold Steve Austin is attacked backstage! It’s now a 3 way #1 contendership match with Triple H, Chyna, and The Undertaker. We’ll also be discussing the ongoing storylines and rivalries that were shaping the WWF at the time, including the buildup to the upcoming SummerSlam event.  Plus, The DEADLOCK Patreon Q&A is back!

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