You’re probably wondering what all of this is about. If you’re reading this, either one of your favorite content creators pointed you here, or you’re seeing the brand for the first time because you’re trying to win a too sweet retro wrestling figure.

Why this? Why now? Here’s the method behind the madness: Pro wrestling media, more specifically content, is largely news-driven. News is a commodity. It’s the antithesis of what “works” in today’s information age. Anyone can “break” news, butwhat truly connects with people are PEOPLE.

Welcome to Deadlock – where pro wrestling lifestyle and culture is celebrated. Whether you call it wrestling, wrasslin, or sports entertainment (yeah, we kind of just threw up a little bit) – we love it all. But our fandom doesn’t end when the show’s over. We wear it, consume it, and breathe it 24/7. Deadlock is a brand of content creators who have built their careers on investing in themselves (ironically, a must in the success of any wrestler). Audiences invest in characters. WE invest in characters. Because characters help us see beyond ourselves. Characters connect with us all. And when all of us are engaged, we all win.

We have a lot to share, and we will in the coming weeks, but expect content made fresh daily for your entertainment and participation. Thank you for being a part of our exciting new venture – LFG!