Momo Watanabe “Humble” Music Video

Momo Watanabe has been a rock for World Wonder Ring Stardom for years now. Momo made her professional debut in 2014 against, now Marvelous pro wrestling ace, Takumi Iroha. She would then move on to teaming with Jungle Kyona creating the team, JKGreeeen. Eventually finding herself in the faction, Queen’s Quest, where she would find her footing as a professional wrestler.

Momo would eventually have her breakout year in 2018 as she won not only the Stardom Cinderella Tournament, but also the Stardom Tag League. She would hold both the Wonder of Stardom & Goddesses of Stardom titles for almost an entire year before dropping them both in 2019. Just now turning 20 in 2020, while having accomplished a lot, Momo’s career is truly just beginning.