DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WCW Monday Nitro 2000 Vince Russo Wins WCW Title, AEW Inner Circle Town Hall Meeting, Changing Wrestler Finishers

WCW in the year 2000 is highly regarded as the best time in the company’s history! … okay, maybe not. But Scott Steiner was there & he has to dumb himself down when talking to these white trash & rednecks! Good enough for us. Vince Russo main events with Booker T in a cage match where the WCW Heavyweight Championship is on the line. It’s been Vince Russo’s dream since he was a kid to win the WCW Championship in a weird New York Giants knockoff jersey. AEW held the Inner Circle Town Hall Meeting where they inquire with MJF about joining the Inner Circle. James, Johnny, & Tony answer which wrestlers they would change finishers for including Goldberg, Rikishi, & Little Guido.

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