DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WCW Thunder 2000 David Arquette Wins WCW Championship, Best Kurt Angle Theme Song, Cody Rhodes & QT Marshall Fight On TOP Of Nightmare Express Bus AEW Dynamite

DAVID ARQUETTE HAS WON THE WCW CHAMPIONSHIP AND HE RUINED THE WRESTLING BUSINESS FOREVER!!!! … or did he? He definitely won the WCW Championship on WCW Thunder, but did it kill wrestling forever? James, Johnny, & Tony discuss the best Kurt Angle theme song of all time over his time in WWE, TNA, and well, a lil ECW stint for a cup of coffee. Also this week, Cody Rhodes & QT Marshall fought on top of the Nightmare Express bus where Cody Rhodes ended up locking QT in a figure four leglock on AEW Dynamite!

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