DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WWE SmackDown 2002 Billy & Chuck Wedding (Commitment Ceremony), The 3rd Annual Deadies: 2021 Pro Wrestling Year End Awards, The Kings Of The Black Throne First Tag Team Match On AEW Dynamite

The Billy & Chuck wedding is one of those infamous moments in WWE SmackDown history that once you see it, you never really forget it for one reason or another. WWE is fresh off a name change, a brand split, and trying to push new acts here and the Billy & Chuck Commitment Ceremony segment is tied up in like 5 other wrestlers storylines all at the same time. The Deadies 2021 Award Ceremony is upon us! It is the 3rd Annual Deadies Awards as we crown the winner of the 2021 pro wrestling awards. The Kings of the Black Throne make their tag team debut on AEW Dynamite as Malakai Black & Brody King make a statement.

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