DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 1999 Vince McMahon Beats Triple H To Win WWF Championship As Referees Go On Strike, Nick Gage Slices Chris Jericho Open With Pizza Cutter On AEW Fight For The Fallen, DEADLOCK Action Figure Accessories Q&A Returns

Triple H is the current WWF Champion in 1999 as we look back at WWF SmackDown heading into WWF Unforgiven 1999. Vince McMahon said yeah, we are gonna have to change that up real quick pal. The referees are also on strike in the WWF as everyone keeps bumping them for no reason & they are SICK of it. Nick Gage faces Chris Jericho in a deathmatch at AEW Fight For The Fallen where Nick Gage slices open Jericho with a pizza cutter & they even get light tubes! The boys bring back the Q&A and get questions like what accessories their action figures would have.

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