DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WWE RAW 2005 Halloween Edition, First Time Ever Match Shawn Michaels vs John Cena, Taboo Tuesday Go Home Show, Stone Cold Answers Coaches Challenge, Ric Flair Triple H Rivalry, “Legend Killer” Rob Conway, DEADLOCK Q&A

Happy Halloween everyone! On this spooky edition of WWE Monday Night Raw we are eve of Taboo Tuesday. The PPV where the fans get to decide the matches for the show! We get a first time ever match up in the main event of Shawn Michaels vs John Cena. Also advertised, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to answer Jonathan Coachman’s challenge for Taboo Tuesday. Triple H is on a path of destruction and wants to put Ric Flair out of his misery. Triple H says that Ric Flair is an embarrassment and a shell of his former self and he is going to take the horse out back and end it. “The Legend Killer” Rob Conway battles Eugene in a match with Taboo Tuesday implications, where Rob Conway will team up with Tyson Tomko to take on Jimmy Snuka, Kamala or Jim Duggan. Plus, the DEADLOCK Q&A Returns with some very scary Halloween questions!

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