DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WWF SmackDown 2000 X Pac Uses A FLAMETHROWER On Kane After Stealing His Kane’s Girlfriend, The Rock Roasts Big Show On WWF SmackDown 2000 With No Remorse While Big Show Just Sits There, MJF vs CM Punk Goes 40 Minutes On AEW Dynamite In CHICAGO

2000 was a great year for the WWF as they are doing record business and WCW is falling more & more behind. WWF SmackDown which became a new flagship show for WWF is doing even better than ever expected. WWF SmackDown was still a continuation of WWF Raw at the time, as the brand split does not happen until a few years later. One of the storylines on WWF SmackDown at the time was Tori getting “kidnapped” during the Christmas of 1999 by DX to go with X Pac but it being revealed that she was with DX the whole time and never loved Kane! X Pac takes it to the next level by using a FLAMETHROWER on Kane on the ramp while Tori is there!! Also on this WWF SmackDown, The Rock comes out & roasts Big Show while he just sits there and takes it as usual lmao. MJF faces CM Punk in CHICAGO on AEW Dynamite where they go almost 40 minutes.

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